PIC flow meter and instrumentation modules

This project is a result of the work conducted by Manzara Electronics
LTD and KSL PLC. The purpose of this project was to develop
complete process control system on Linux using Microchip
PIC MCUs as various sensors, actuator controllers etc.

These companies went out of business now and copyright holders
decided to release this project under GPL.

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This software consists of several parts:
-flow meter

Sensors are modules that receive analog or digital signal and transmit it over
so-called ADCBUS serial datalink further.

Gauges are modules that receive single- or multichannel data measured by sensors,
calculate required ranging coefficients and display this data in digital (LED display)
or analog (LED bar) form. The most advanced gauge- TCU (don't ask why it's called so :)
has external RS485 interface, SEEPROM memory and Real-time-clock with battery backup.
It can be connected to upper-level computer to perform further
data processing. Protocol used is Grundfos Pumps inc. GENIbus. This gauge also
can log received data in SEEPROM with programmable pacing and retrieve them later
via the same RS-485 interface. Specification for GENIbus is included in package.

Flow meter is connected in between sensors and gauges. It receives
pressure, differential pressure and temperature data via ADCBUS, then performs
arbitrary floating-point calculations over them and sends result out via another ADCBUS
to be displayed by gauges. Curently it is just an implementation of Double-precision
floating-point computer on PIC16F877. It's FPU library can perform addition, subtraction,
division, multiply, square root calculation, and exp() and log() functions
. Primary purpose
for this engine was to implement flow computations according to GOST 8.563.* state standards
of Russian Federation. Flow computing routines was implemented using this library
up to level where it's successfully computes test data from GOST 8.563.2
. It is sufficient
to use this device after some minor workaround to compute flow of liquids. To use it for gases
 a supercompressiability computing algorithms according to GOSTS 30319.*
must be implemented.

Scanned  pdfs of these GOSTs  in russian language is available upon special request from
stacy at noeverspam ivan dot harhan dot org

Remove noeverspam from address above :)

Scada and PLC part of the software possibly will be released later as another project.

Various protocols specifications used by these devices  are included in the archive

Due to lack of free time I won't develop this project further - so volunteers welcomed!